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Wine Scream

Wine Scream® Podcast pulls the heavy pretentious curtain back on the world of Wine, Food, Events and Hospitality exposing the myths and breaking down the misconceptions behind topics such as Wine and Food Pairing and Wine Trends while storytelling through wine experiences.

Join the fun loving misfits of wine - Lamar Engel, Advanced Certified Sommelier with The Wine Militia and Sonja Rei Strand, Marketing Director for The Wine Militia & Event Designer for Event Brigade as they open up a very down-to-earth dialogue on what makes wine NOT BORING!

Jul 11, 2019

Four canned wines are tasted unbiasedly while Sonja reminisces about Madonna's fashion sense. Lamar reveals some big news about Rosé while prophetically chanting about what the canned wine movement will do to the wine industry.